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Each filter is provided with a device to adjust the shift above and below the resonance frequency: this device allows the usage of the filter even with changes in the conditions that guided its purchase. For optimal results, however, it is recommended to have it calibrated in our laboratories.

The models in this series allow a sufficient separation between Tx and Rx. If an even higher separation is needed, it is possible to realize models with attenuations higher than 120 dB with an insertion loss < 1.5 dB.

A "TT" model range is available also for diplexers, with dimensions compatible for standard racks, allowing attenuation around 90 dB in the VHF and UHF bands and a shift of 4.6 MHz.

N.B.: the cable for connections to the devices are not bundled in the supply, and must be explicitly indicated in the order.

Gangs of different frequencies, specific particular physics?
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 Range (MHz) 
 Loss (db) 
 Size (mm) 
 Preice (€) 
4S7215 72...75 0.5...1.0 320x320x700 1652.00
4S14415 140...170 0.5...1.0 320x320x650 830.00
4S43015 430...450 0.5...1.0 320x320x450 830.00
1250LB 1200...1300 0.5...1.0 250x140x120 830.00


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